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Baga Beach - 2021 What To Know Before You Go

Baga Beach - 2021 What To Know Before You Go

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If walking around vibrant city lights with ambitious people, always having something on their minds except peace is not your idea of a perfect living then make sure you head towards a Beach immediately. Life is very different at the beach. Here unlike big cities, time doesn’t move hour to hour rather the breezy waves convert your mood into moments. At beaches, we need to live by the currents with a whole you dipped in sand, plan by the tides and follow the sun.

The most happening Beach in Goa is the BAGA BEACH. Peach who like action, this is one of the most happening beaches on the coast. You'll find everything from water sports to fine dining restaurants there, along with bars and clubs. The sunset here looks as if it has come out straight from a painting.

Where to stay?

For the most economical stay prefer staying at Acorn Beach Resort . It is a beautiful beachside resort is situated right on the Baga Beach. Yes! It has a private beach access from its most famous food shack, Shooting Star and as the name suggests, the shack is so appealing that you surely want to taste the local delicacies first before touching the cool waves. This divine contemporary styled resort is a perfect gateway for a beach lover. Its comfortable warn toned rooms let travellers enjoy peace and serenity which is hard to find in big cities. Couples please make sure you guys don’t skip the special candlelight dinner at Shooting Star. The mouth-watering delicacies and chilled drinks with live music will surely make your trip a whimsical one. The most amazing part about this resort is that it is situated in the heart of the city. Be it a Casino or a fine dine restaurant, you can easily find them within 4-8 kms. The most famous Tito’s lane is hardly a kilometre away from the resort.

Baga beach attractions

Goa’s Baga Beach is the perfect place for spending a tranquil vacation. The placidity here headland travellers with its scenic beauty. Candlelight dinners or beach parties are attractions of this place. Tourists can enjoy traditional Goan cuisine at beachside shacks or coffee shops.

Activities in Baga beach

Water sports, fishing, and dolphin watching are the major activities for tourists traveling to Baga beach.